Anxiety & Stress



Anxiety can wall us off from our sense of well-being, confidence, and ease.

Left unchecked, it may even begin to limit our actions, creating an ever smaller circle within which we live.


A Difficult Messenger

We are hardwired to feel anxiety to alert us of potential dangers or challenges for which we may be unprepared. Anxiety can even play a role in personal growth, signaling that some part of life requires attention and change. Anxiety disorders result when this natural part of us starts to run on overdrive and eclipses other ways of being. Therapy can help return anxiety to its natural and useful role.


Befriending Anxiety

Together, we will discover if your anxiety is calling your attention to a real concern or it is simply crying wolf. Sometimes, understanding and addressing the underlying meaning and causes of anxiety will help relieve it. Other times, the over-focus on anxiety itself becomes a key part of the problem, leading to an overly restricted life. In such cases, mindfulness and acceptance based techniques allow for the pursuit of a meaningful, vibrant life even in the face of anxiety. In my work I draw upon experience treating anxiety disorders in children, adolescents, and adults in outpatient clinics, residential treatment centers, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, and primary care clinics.


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